Our Objectives & Future plans

Our Objectives

  • To provide all type of assistance to all nursing professionals
  • To conduct seminars/workshops and arrange special tuition/training for nursing professionals.
  • To render assistance to poor patients by providing medicines etc., provisions of health care, preventive medical services (including dental services).
  • Assistance to hospitals in setting up the various facilities such as Blood Bank, Eye Bank, Burn Centers, etc. for the poor patients.
  • Provision of outdoor dispensary or assistance thereof and also to run “Mobile” medical services.
  • Conduct education in health care or provide assistance in the provision of primary health care education.
  • To set up hospitals/nursing homes for children/women.
  • To render assistance to the handicapped.
  • To provide monetary assistance and social services in case of natural calamities.
  • To render financial assistance to the poor and the disadvantaged.
  •  To promote and advance moral education, charity and general welfare of the people.
  •  To establish an educational institute.

Our Future plans

  • enhance the Global nursing journal of India at world level
  • organize international seminar, conference and workshop etc
  • open hospital as soon as possible
Our other Journal:-    GFNPSS-GNJI    GFNPSS- IJMR    GFNPSS-AJNR